Step up a gear and start taking control over your Canon EOS camera. Learn all about the Creative Zone modes, when to use them, plus the other many overrides to use to improve your results. Then, once you've captured your shots, learn all about the in-camera Playback features.

Learn about Program, Av, Tv and Manual modes. When you're ready to take greater control over your camera, the Creative Zone offers a choice of semi-automated shooting modes, plus a fully manual option for total control over your photography. These modes can all achieve the same results, but allow you to take control in different ways for different shooting scenarios.

When you take more control over your camera settings, there are a number of built-in camera features and controls that are important to ensure that you get the best possible results out of your EOS camera. Learn about Auto ISO, Picture Styles, drive settings as well as the basics of focusing and metering and other key overrides.

You can review your images in-camera, which is useful for evaluating your results. In fact, via the Playback options you can do more than just review. Learn about the different Playback functions and how to interpret the information that's available.