Start here... this section includes the basics of photography, understanding aperture, shutter speed and ISO and – more importantly – how these three exposure settings interact, before moving on to the automated shooting modes. There's also a Troubleshooting section to help you identify where things are going wrong.

Learn about ISO, shutter speed and aperture – what each setting does and how they interact. There are also tutorials on depth-of-field, metering and understanding the part that lenses play in your photography.

Get shooting quickly with your EOS camera by using one of the automated shooting modes on your camera. The Basic Zone contains a selection of pre-programmed modes set up for different scenarios. They're also great to use if you need to grab a quick shot, like action or tackle tricky lighting. This section explains the different modes available across the EOS system, how they work and when you might use them.

Image not as you expected? Here are some of the commonly found problems in photography and how to identify what the problem is. By understanding the error, you can learn how to improve your results.