Over 80 FREE video tutorials for Canon EOS photographers!

Get to grips with the basics of photography and learn about the key features and settings on your Canon EOS camera with this free online library of video tutorials. Called Essential EOS, we've handpicked the core learning materials so that you can make more of your Canon camera and your photography.

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Here at EOS Training Academy, we believe that when you know how your camera works, better images will follow. When you understand what the key features do, you can use them to the best advantage to elevate your photography.

This free course consists of over 80 video tutorials, covering the basics of photography, how the key features and overrides on your camera work and when to use them, as well as detailed guidance on the various shooting modes on your Canon camera.

As a bonus, there's an extra section to work through at the end of this free course. How to Shoot is a series of subject led techniques, with specially chosen ideas for shooting at home and in restricted times.

To get started, create an account, then choose the free enrolment option for this Essential EOS course. Once you've confirmed your account, you're good to go! Grab your camera, sit back, watch and learn.

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Join this free course, designed exclusively for Canon photographers, to make the most out of your Canon EOS camera. You'll learn the essential skills you need to take control of your Canon camera and to improve your images.