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This video covers:-

  • What do macro lenses do
  • Reproduction ratios for close up images
  • Macro and micro reproduction ratios
  • Which lens is best for macro
  • Macro lenses and focusing
  • What we see vs. what we get
  • Macro lenses and depth of field
  • Do not forget about handholding
  • Macroflash - can be essential
  • Getting closer
  • MPE 65mm f3.5 Macro (Micro) lens
  • Working with the MPE lens

Video length: 20min 56sec

This video covers:-

  • The screen layout in the RAW convertor
  • The magnification settings in the RAW convertor
  • The tools options in the RAW convertor

Video length: 16min 37sec

This video covers:-

  • Camera selection
  • Lens selection
  • Where to shoot
  • What we see versus what we can capture
  • Fill in flash - the key to great results
  • ISO choice
  • Mode choice
  • Shooting indoors
  • External flash units
  • Framing
  • Capturing action

Video length: 21min 27sec

This video covers:-

  • The benefits of an extender
  • The drawbacks to an extender
  • Extender compatibility

Video length: 7min 50sec

This video covers:-

  • How to select the Auto Lighting Optimiser
  • What settings to use
  • What stops it from working
  • Auto Lighting Optimiser and RAW

Video length: 6min 1sec